Windows is the most widely used operating system today. Apple users like it because it is more flexible and above all easier to use. However you use Mac OS or Windows, every time you connect to the Internet, your exchanged data will always remain vulnerable unless you use a vpn or a virtual private network. What is the best mac vpn? Here is the answer to your question. For Android, it’s here.

The performance of a free vpn

First of all, be aware that free vpns are unreliable. Certainly, some offer moderate limitations, but in the majority of cases, these are not enough for completely anonymous, free and safe surfing on the Internet. Take for example the example of a free vpn only supports the Open vpn vpn protocol. During your trip to China, you will therefore not be able to use it because in this country, Open vpn is censored. If you have the option to switch from one vpn protocol to another, your vpn will remain active. Another weak point of free vpn: this service only makes a few vpn servers available to the user and yet, this criterion is very important if you want to unblock your favorite sites wherever you are. For that, you should connect to a vpn server located in the country where the site to unblock is hosted. To unblock facebook FR in the United Arabs for example, you must use a FR IP address, provided by a vpn server in France but not an Arabic IP address. Regarding the connection time and the downloadable data volume, no need to remember that these two points are also limited with free vpn.

Best free vpn for Windows

The best free vpn for Windows therefore does not exist because free vpns will never be comparable to paid vpns which are more secure and more efficient. However, there are some free vpn providers that offer moderate limitation services. While these vpns are only recommended for troubleshooting, they can also help us better understand how this technology works.

Cyberghost vpn remains the best free vpn for Windows that we offer. With this vpn, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Access to + 300 free vpn servers worldwide. These vpn servers are very efficient but at times they are saturated and they lower the user’s connection speed.
  • Cyber ghost free vpn is compatible with PPPT, L2TP and Open vpn. These vpn protocols will allow you to encrypt your connection at 256 bits and to optimize the protection of your sensitive data exchanged on the Internet.
  • Use of the free vpn service for 5 or 6 hours and after, it is necessary to reconnect manually while respecting the queue.
  • Cyber ghost vpn free is compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows, MAC OS, Linux and Android.

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