Many kinds of research have been written, and studies have been conducted to explain the human physiological response to color on cardboard boxes or any other type of packaging. The Packaging Republic suggests that the formulated color associations in packaging must be considered while designing the custom cardboard packagingPeople associate dark blue with night and passivity and bright yellow with sunlight and arousal. Cool toned colors, such as green and blue, are considered calming and warm colors, such as red and orange, are considered arousing. To ensure your branding packaging’s success, you must learn the physiological effects of color, as colors can be used to grab people’s attention. luxury packaging boxes your business and daily life and many more requirements nowadays. 

Pink is found to calm inmates in institutions and is now used for this purpose when anger is detected. Dentists have been known to paint the walls of the office blue to allay patient fears. In a nutshell, color psychology is widely used and applied in every industry and sector. Because all colors have specific meanings associated with them, colors are essential image cues. The meanings of custom cardboard packaging colors may also have implications for consumers’ associations about a brand’s position in the marketplace. Specific colors manifest pan-cultural meaning associations. Strategic use of these colors can create opportunities for products, packages, logos and convey particular image associations across national markets.

Importance of Color in Custom Cardboard Packaging

Color in branding, packaging, and advertising serve a variety of specific purposes. The colors used on custom printed cardboard boxes are known for creating moods and drawing attention from afar. Colors emphasize and intensify brand and product memorability in consumers’ minds. These can be used as a cue to either associate with or symbolize something. The primary function of color in custom cardboard boxes is to help create positive consumers’ moods and emotional responses. Read more the uk time.

Colors Draw Attention

Colors on the custom cardboard boxes are used to draw consumers’ attention. Some of them are inherently eye-catching. For instance, yellow is powerful because of its luminosity, and it becomes even more potent and attractive when used with black. Red evokes aggressiveness, and a strong and vibrant pink will stand out when a bright shade is used. Strong attention-grabbing and vibrant colors can be used with the center of interest to make sure the eye is attracted to the most crucial element. For example, on a white cardboard box, you can write the brand logo in black to make it the consumers’ focal point.  


Using strong and attention-grabbing colors to gain the consumers; attention is another way to emphasize what you believe is the most vital element to be seen. It can be your brand logo, product name, or tagline. Emphasis means contrast, and to make an element stand out, it has to contrast with everything around it well..

Color coding

Color coding is a process of establishing visual cues on the cardboard packaging boxes. Colors are easy to remember and, if you can create a memorable association between a color and your cardboard packaging boxes, you will be assisting the retention process.

While designing your wholesale cardboard boxes, the first objective of the color is to command the eye. It must be seen to jump off the shelf. It must be used appropriately and attractive enough to survive the intense competition of the self-service environment. Next, you must choose the color for custom printed cardboard boxes for their ability to be associated with certain desired qualities such as elegance, naturalness, softness, and so on. For that, you need to understand your consumers’ preferences. 

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