Xamarin allows the developers to build a cross–platform mobile app with the help of the common UI pages, views, layouts, control0073, and design patterns. Xamarin has now become one of the top 5 languages which people use around the globe and the app-building on the Xamarin platform is in high demand. It is the prominent choice among the developers and because of its seamless functionality; it is highly acceptable among the developers. Here are the top 10 Xamarin interview Questions and Answers pdf to know more about it:

  1. What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a company that has built the software. The main working operation of Xamarin is to build mobile apps that work on cross –platforms. Xamarin has been used to build the UI for Android, Windows Operating System, and iOS. Xamarin applications share the codebase. Xamarin’s feature is similar to the native application. A Xamarin can easily download the Xamarin tools in Visual Studio.

  1. What are the development approaches in Xamarin?

Xamarin has two different approaches to app development. These are:

Xamarin Native: This approach is used for that purpose when we want to create a separate version of the same app for different platforms. Developers are able to use Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Windows libraries to create the applications for each particular platform.

Xamarin.Forms: Forms are the choices of the developers who would like to create one application for all the separate mobile platforms which are iOS, Windows, and Android.

  1. What is the advantage of Xamarin Development?

Some of the advantages of Xamarin Development are:

The user interface is simple and native.

The chances of the bugs are less.

Developers can use Xamarin to create cross-platform apps.

Xamarins also has strong community support.

  1. What are the disadvantages of Xamarin Development?

For the students who are taking Xamarin training, it is necessary for them to know both advantages and disadvantages of Xamarin. The disadvantages are:

The development of user interfaces in Xamarin is really time-consuming.

The entire app that has been created in Xamarin has a large file size. Most of these apps types are mainly between 3 MB to 15 MB in size.

Apps are able to share the code across the platform but there is also a need for the developer to create the linkage in the OS, which is difficult for the user.

  1. What is Xamarin Insights?

It is a tool which will allow the developers to track and identify the problem that has been arisen within the app. We can also use this for monitoring the system and to report the problems. However, it was closed on March 31, 2016 but in today’s time, developers can take help of Visual Studio app Center for the same working functionality that is provided by Xamarin Insights.

  1. What is Xamarin Profiler?

Xamarin Profiler is a tool that can be used by developers to keep an eye on the information about the particular app inside the Visual Studio. With the help of the Xamarin Profiler, developers are able to analyze the app’s behavior. The developer can use the profiler to track the memory information of the application and can sample its statics.

  1. Which programming language can support Xamarin?

Xamarin mainly supports three languages in the development of mobile applications:

  • C#
  • F#
  • Visual Basic .NET
  1. What is Xamarin.Forms?

Xamarin. Form is a framework to build the user interface in the mobile application. In the same codebase, developers are required to write the UI separately for each platform. It is time consuming and tough process. Xamarin.Forms help the developers to create just one UI through which it can be used across all the platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows.

  1. What is Xamarin Studio?

Xamarin Studio is the separate IDE to develop the cross-platform mobile application or iOS, Android, Console, Class Library, Windows, and PCL applications. It is based on the open-source project Monodevelop.

  1. What is XAML in Xamarin?

Extensible Markup Language or SAML is a tool that helps the developer to define the user interface in Xamarin app development. It has an important role in Xamarin but it is not required in Xamarin. Forms app development.

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