According to the latest insights regarding animated content, it can be observed that more than 90% of the marketers believe in the increasing effectiveness and efficiency of these animated videos. According to many experts, they believe that using animated videos in your brand’s marketing strategies will bring better results. According to the statistics, it has been observed that more than 50% of the consumers are more likely to buy the products after watching an animated video. This is why there has been an increasing trend in using animated videos by brands across the globe.

Over the years, it has come to light that people are more likely to remember the information for a longer period of time, if it is communicated through an animated video. Furthermore, people are more likely to absorb the information and understand it faster than any other medium used for communication as well. Other researches show that animated content is extremely attention capturing and is likely to capture the attention of the target audience ten times faster than any other tool used for marketing.

Visual content has always been more engaging and help in creating brand awareness much more effectively. However, with recent advancements and the introduction of animated content, things seem to be getting even better for brands in this regard. Here are the five most significant benefits of using animated videos for your brand’s marketing.

Increases Web Traffic

According to many surveys and reports, experts have observed that brands have an easier time attracting large volumes of web traffic to their websites, only if they use animated videos on their websites. Apparently, people are attracted towards animated videos; they simply like to watch them. Therefore, putting up animated videos on your official brand’s websites is a very good and effective way of driving large volumes of organic web traffic.

Increases Dwell Time

You must have noticed that most online businesses and other websites are making an increasing use of animated videos. Why do you think this is so? Yes, they increase web traffic. However, there is another very important benefit of putting up animated videos on your websites. According to a professional animated video company, putting up animated videos on your websites increase the time each visitor spends on your website. These videos are an effective way to make your web traffic spend more time on your website. With every visitor spending more time on your website, your website’s overall dwell time increases.

Increases Your Search Engine Ranking                  

Alright, so these animated videos do more than simply increase your website’s dwell time. One of the reasons your websites are ranked higher in the search engine results is because of animated videos. See, this is how it works, when your web traffic spends more time on your website, your dwell time increases. With a higher dwell time, google automatically starts to rank your websites higher. This is how its algorithm is designed. Therefore, animated videos are not just mere videos but they are also one of the most effective SEO (search engine optimization) tools out there as well.

Creates Brand & Product Awareness

Most brands usually use animated videos to tell their target audiences about themselves and their products. These animated videos are one of the most fun filled ways to convey messages. They are extremely effective, when it comes to capturing attention and getting the message across to the target audiences.

Furthermore, since these animations are highly effective in conveying the message therefore, they are also the perfect tool to explain different concepts or give details about different products to the target audiences. According to many expert reports, people are more likely to learn at a faster rate when they are paying attention and having fun. With animated videos, you can both capture the attention of the target audiences and also create an environment where they can have fun as well. With both these ingredients combined together in the right ratio, you animated videos can easily help to explain about the product.

Most experts create animated explainer videos especially to provide their target audiences and existing customers with information about their new and upcoming products. These videos are specifically designed to introduce the products.

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