How Software Technology is Changing Online Gaming in Pakistan

Online gaming is one of the few entertainment sectors which is not eroded over time.

With the advancement of technology, the world of online gaming saw innovations that will leave you in awe.

The drastic changes in the methods and channels of streaming the games have made it much more interesting and interactive.

Gaming can be a hobby to many people, and if implied for a long period of time, it can get addictive too.

Today, we will discuss how technology is changing the online gaming platform in more than many ways that you can imagine.

There have been both software and hardware advancements over the years and we will discuss both of them.

Being an online gamer myself, I do see the paradigm shift in interactive and amazing gameplay, a decade ago and now.

There is a huge difference and you cannot compare this entertainment sector now to a decade ago.

Artificial Intelligence

The bot is not a new term for online gamers. Without knowing what a bot is, we have played with it.

It is the same as Artificial Intelligence controlling the actions of the bot.

The bot has been around since the beginning of the online gaming industry but not prioritized due to other features completely masking its presence.

AI has been constantly monitored for quirks and perfected for any bugs over the years. They learn from every experience to mimic human actions in the game.

Cloud Gaming

Another latest concept in the technology of online gaming in cloud gaming.

It is more like not downloading an entire game to play, but just logging in to your online account and cloud will have your game data saved; and it is most commonly implemented in online casinos.

The cloud computing technology has impacted the casino gaming in many ways, since there is no need to download any of these card games and still have all your data stored on cloud, with access point literally from anywhere.

This is quite convenient and also saves you disk space for other purposes irrespective of a desktop or a smartphone.

Graphics upgrade

This is both hardware and software advancement when it comes graphics.

The software would be the pixel by pixel definition of the characters and textures along with the entire layout of the game.

The hardware part would be the graphics card itself. You can buy higher capacity graphics card at a much cheaper price due to the changes in the technology affecting the gaming industry.

3D gaming

Another software and hardware inclusive advancement due to technology in the online gaming industry are the 3-dimensional games.

Virtual reality is provided using a device which will certainly cheat your brain to think you are in the virtual world physically.

The hardware and software support for these games are quite expensive, but it will settle down to a reasonable price over time.


Desktop to laptop to mobile would be the example for portability.

Gamers getting used to different platforms over time has made the entire online gaming industry a giant business hub.

Every online game that is limited to a desktop or a laptop will have a mobile application built to perform the bare minimum of actions in the game.

This portability is unprecedented.


This sector will keep evolving with technology and you will see artificial intelligence play a crucial role in supporting this industry in the near future.

If you haven’t tried online gaming yet, I would recommend trying it once not because of the thrill but because of the experience.

Thank you for reading at Digitally Mag.