When you look at a mature oak tree, you hardly see that they require any maintenance with their pruning so that their optimum health can be maintained and your landscape’s beauty is intact at its best. Oak trees are the species that have plant hardiness zones 3 through 10 based on the one you have in your yard. 

Little did you ever require the services of tree removal Sydney since they can be maintained pretty well and if you are looking to prune them, we have you sorted. The best period to do so is during the winter dormant months when there will be the least amount of pest’s chances or diseases that can enter through the open wounds of your tree. 

The process of pruning is relatively very simple and can be done in just a few steps. No matter how strong, sturdy, and mighty your oak tree looks, there is one problem that will always trouble its health and condition that will get under its skin (read bark). You might have heard of oak wilt, a disease that is most evident in the oak trees when you decide to prune them in the wrong manner at the wrong time. 

You have to follow a certain window with the oak trees while pruning them and ensure that the same period is followed each year to keep the fatal fungus away. So now the question comes, what time is the best to prune an oak tree without being too early or too late? Read on to find your answers.

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How often should you trim oak trees?

The ideal trimming period for an oak tree remains every 2 to 3 years where they can maintain the best of its shape. However, when you look to prune your oak tree in a specific year, the time ranges from November 1 to March 31 where you can give your best efforts.

The reason behind that is because sap beetles are an insect that spreads oak wilt tends to remain hyperactive from April to August. These beetles are responsible for sniffing out the sweet smell of the oak wilt fungus on infected trees and later feed on the fungus. 

The diseases keep spreading in the healthy oak trees that just received their fresh cuts and do cause huge damage to the tree. That is why pruning an oak tree during the sap beetle’s hyperactive session increases the probability of the tree developing an infection.

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When should you avoid oak tree trimming at all costs?

Although we have talked about the trimming of oak trees already, in case you have missed or want to trim them at some other time consult an arborist. This is because a due for the trim tree should not be trimmed during the most avoided period for trimming as well.

The best time to water your oak trees during the spring:

  • Oak trees are an essential part of your landscape’s beauty however these trees also need water before their leaf out dates. Although the correct period varies based on the place you live, usually the best period falls anywhere between mid-March to early May. You may provide supplemental watering as well but the only reason for that should be that the day or week was going exceptionally dry. 
  • You can check the moisture level of the soil by yourself where it should feel moist four to six inches deep. The moisture should be fine in that case regardless of the reason behind that whether it’s the rains or snowmelt. However, if you think that the soil is powdery, you need to take strict actions. If your living climate is comparatively colder, the best time when you can provide water to your trees would be in during later winter and early spring. 
  • Provide hydration to the trees once the ground thaws are out and temperatures go warm enough to support the new growth. If the ground in your area doesn’t experience a strange dip in the temperature or doesn’t freeze as well, you can also plant to provide water to the trees once you notice that the days are now becoming warmer and longer.
  • It is fine even if you get a bit late, don’t make a fuss about that! All you will notice is that there are small spurts grown randomly at places but there is nothing to worry about in this case. However, your aim should still be focused on watering your trees in a balanced manner before there is full growth in their leaves and flowers.
  • Now that you are aware of watering the oak trees and trimming them, we hope that you can keep them in their best shape and health. Ensure that you are providing 20 gallons of water each week if you have recently planted a new one, however, with the mature trees, you might not require that much water demand.

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