Every year, we not only see the emergence of new trends, but we also see them leaving a mark in our own industry.

Although 2020 was a little different and did not meet the predictable trends of small businesses, the massive shift brought by the epidemic is far more tangible than we can imagine.

These trends not only affected people’s habits and perceptions in a semi-permanent way, but also changed the way business was run.

Instead of looking at trends such as “Eco-friendly initiatives reshaped businesses” or “How AI changed the small business situation”, we briefly explained to the world how businesses run smoothly. Maybe, even from afar.

Yes, we have finally entered the New Year and the rollout of vaccines is going on but things have not changed much. This means that we need to analyze the trends for 2020 and work with a strong strategy for 2021.

That said, here are some of the top 3 emerging trends that we believe will play a key role in 2021. Small businesses that can’t be ignored.

Every Digital Thing is Going to Be the New Normal

Many small businesses, provided they operate efficiently from a remote location, spent the majority of 2020 working from home to prevent the spread of the virus.

This change not only revolutionized the way organizations operate, but also made major technical changes to make remote tasks easier.

Although most of us knew that this digital transformation, experienced by small businesses, was about to take place in the near future, it was only because the epidemic caused the shift to accelerate Is. That’s why our first emerging trend for 2021 is “everything digital.”

Many small businesses are still operating remotely, so it is clear that the growing use of technology is becoming commonplace.

That said, businesses can expect more emails, Skype conferences and zoom team communications during face-to-face meetings in 2021.

Furthermore, although offices reopen to a certain extent, it is likely that many organizations have struck the right balance between working “from home” and “from the office.” Many people never look forward to going to their offices soon.

The important thing here is that, when you can see the physical aspects of your business improving, such as increasing its security, choosing to repair the door of the business, creating socially distant workmanship, etc., you there will also be a need to focus on improving the performance of.

To do this, you need to start implementing the necessary technical changes, such as bringing 24/7 IT support services, data security, etc.

Customers Are Starting to Become More Localized

Traveling is no longer an easy task as it used to be during the epidemic, because many people are traveling less or not.

When it comes to the geography of an area, that means only one thing – people are becoming more and more local, which is going to be a huge benefit for small businesses.

You ask, how is this possible?

Well, with consumers reluctant to travel for fear of catching the virus, they are turning to local businesses for almost everything. This means connecting with as many customers as possible by offering your product to people and getting what they need.

Small businesses will not only benefit from increased pedestrian traffic in cities and towns, but they are also looking forward to expanding their services to bridge the gaps in their customers’ lifestyles caused by lockdowns.

Of course, there is real-world evidence to back up this fact. Many independent shops and grocery stores have seen a 63% increase in sales.

For example, the average person may like to drink coffee in the morning when traveling to work, which means they pick it up from a coffee shop near their office. However, with many people working remotely, they can now fulfill their ‘morning coffee’ cravings in a variety of ways – by picking them up at a local coffee shop near their home.

Grocery stores, on the other hand, may start selling coffee as an additional service and profit from an increase in local demand.

Now, it’s not just about coffee. With more encouragement to walk and cycle, people have started spending more time in their area. This means that in 2021, small businesses can perform better by engaging with local consumers and taking advantage of local opportunities.

Relationship Management Plays a Crucial Role

According to research, many successful small businesses focus on the “new routine”, liaising with their key stakeholders and developing strategies on how they can make the necessary changes, as well as their companies. Re-launched the epidemic.

Here, the “key stakeholders” element is about spending more time in relationships with the essential suppliers and customers of your business.

However, it is likely that in 2021 there will be more local lockdowns and other dramatic changes that will allow small businesses to perform at their best and meet potential customers and suppliers to meet the challenges ahead. Have to talk to

In addition, small business owners will have to work with consistency plans while setting relatively short-term goals. That way, in a crisis situation, you can easily predict success.

Contingency planning and short-term goals are especially important in the changing small and medium-sized business landscape.

Furthermore, only by making changes and adopting your action plan will you be able to ensure that your business continues to thrive even during epidemics.


Yes, 2020 was a year like no other! Yes, we have finally entered 2021 and while we are still dealing with epidemics and lockdowns in different countries, it only makes sense to adapt to the new changes.

What’s more, while these trends are beginning to emerge in the SME landscape, it’s important that you start incorporating them into your 2021 business plans!

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