Bowling is one of the tremendous sports that contain challenge, fun, and competition–feeling stressed due to studies, work, or the everyday routine, bowling is one of the relieving games to calm the mood and cradle healthy vibes. Now, in order to play properly, you must know the basics, rules and the right way to hit all the pins down. 

How to Become a Professional Bowler?

To become a professional, you will have to put in some effort and practice in bowling. To make that practice period effective, we have put together the best and most effective tips & techniques to help start your bowling.

  • Right Ball for the Right Shot
  • Be Flexible
  • Where to Look When You Bowl
  • Where to Start When Bowling
  • Using the Dots on the Bowling lane
  • Body Positioning While Starting Your Bowling Approach
  • The Rotary Motion of the Wrist
  • Release with Power

These points are validated from the professionals, that already approach the competitive game. Keep them in mind while gaming as they are keen difference between a naïve and a pro. 

Right Ball for the Right Shot

Choosing the right ball appropriate to your stature and the game is the right way to start with bowling. Considering the right weight of the ball, the size of the holes, getting the right grip, and the rolling tendency of ball, these all matters. 

Weight of the ball

An idyllic bowling ball weight range is;

  • 11 to 12 pounds for women 
  • 14 to 15 pounds for men

Weight is less significant than getting an appropriate size. Although heavy balls knock over pins with extra power.


Inappropriate finger holes will surely ruin your game. Almost 90% of players will not find a bowling ball that is close to fitting correctly. Make sure the holes are slightly looser than the size of your ring. Do not hesitate to replace the ball when you cannot hold it well and try different balls.


Not having a good grip will make it contrary to score or hit the ball on target. As per these requirements, our experts have carved out the best balling ball for beginners to ensure fast and proper learning. 

Be Flexible

The capability of bowl striking every lane is distinctive constantly. Bowling lanes are waxed, the quantity and application of oil can be different for each lane. The oil layers on a particular lane can vary throughout the game. Variation in oil quantity and type will result in your ball-breaking differently every time. So, be prepared to adjust your style to meet conditions.

Where to Look When You Bowl

Although the pins are your prime target, you do not need to aim for them. Please select one of the arrows in the middle of the lane and try to have your ball move right above it. It is suitable to target the second arrow from the right.

For Example

Suppose you are a right-handed bowler. And a left-handed person should go for the second arrow on the left. In most lanes, oil is applied in the middle of the lane; tossing the ball on the outside will provide proper grip throughout the lane.

Where to Start When Bowling

The frequent issue comes to new bowler is they are unaware where to start, unaware of the proper beginning body position to give them the best experience while enjoying this fantastic game. So, if you are a beginner or simply looking to go back to basics, here is something I have put together.

Using the Dots on the Bowling lane

If you notice two sets of dots on the approach, some centers have five, and some have 7. These dots are spread out in every five boards. For the point of reference, we will be using the big dot or central dot, also known as board number 20. 

Good Starting Points

A good starting point for right-handers is to place your left foot on the big dot, and left-handers place their right foot. Right-handers move your right foot at the back of your left foot around 2-3 inches or whatsoever is comfortable. Left-handers do the same. This is simply for reference to help as we move forward. Some of the players modify this as every bowler adapts some unique stature.

Body Positioning While Starting Your Bowling Approach

Body position should be relaxed and balanced. Bend your knees slightly and focus on being free and loose. Keep your head up and steady and focus your eyes on the target. Keeping your head stable is particularly significant. The other important thing is to control extra movement during our approach.

The Rotary Motion of the Wrist

The wrist moves onward three elemental planes: horizontal, vertical, and rotational. Just the turnaround forearm, not the horizontal style in the direction or outward the body.

Position of Holding the Ball

Your thumb, middle, and ring fingers participate in holding the ball. The two lasting fingers, the index and little finger, the pattern can be balanced and identically affect the ball movement from wrist and fingers placing position.

Position of Wrist 

Both the finger and wrist positions are joined in various combinations to vary the ball movement. Combined with your wrist, finger alterations can improve your ball movement greatly more than your expectation.

Release with Power

Toss the ball at the lowest point of your swing and aim for the selected arrow. Again, try not to overthink it. Once you are past the beginner stage, you can consider the more complicated tricks, like the 7-10 split, where your ball has to knock one outlying rear pin across the lane and into the other remote pin. It takes years for pro bowlers to master it. However, if you knock down just one of the pins, you are doing pretty well.


Bowling is not as simple as just pitching round ball at a pack of pins. It would be best if you changed in compliance with these conditions. Adapting these certain tips and techniques to control the way of bowling will lead the person to victory, might be in just one shot. The game demands practice in the right way. Selecting the right ball, positioning the wrist & fingers, optimizing the releasing power, recognizing the lane, right way to grip, adjusting the ball throwing strength etc. are important to know in order to be a good player. 

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