Oracle 1Z0-1052-20 is a comprehensive training course that covers all the critical areas of talent management. It aims to equip its readers with the latest tools and methods to use in this very competitive arena. In particular, the course highlights four key areas that companies must address if they want to increase their productivity, thereby improving their bottom line. These are staffing, talent, business development, and development. This Oracle certification aims to ensure that the company adheres to these four essential areas.

Staffing. As the demand for technical professionals grows, the need for skilled human resource in information technology and engineering also increases. Managing this workforce becomes a daunting task for any company. It is where Oracle’s Software License Optimization (SPO) comes in handy. With this software package’s help, a company can significantly improve its workforce by automating hiring new staff processes. Furthermore, by reducing manual tasks and automating those that do not produce results, it allows a company to focus on those tasks that yield tangible results.

Why Choose Oracle Certification

Training and Development. Whether an employee has been employed in Oracle software packages for years or just a few months, training and development are critical for him to remain up to date with software developments in his field of expertise. The software giant has introduced several applications and technologies to address this need. The most notable are Oracle Enterprise Solutions Manager and Oracle Learning Management System, which enable companies to maximize their employees’ investment through proper software licensing.

Business Development. This aspect of talent management requires no introduction. A company’s ability to market itself effectively depends on the incoming and outgoing business it receives. To ensure that this process is carried out smoothly, it is essential to have the right talent management strategies. Oracle Training and Development Manager help a company develop the right approach to suit its business model. The software giant has introduced Oracle Advanced Technology Solutions (AATS). This application allows project managers to streamline project management, identify cost-effective opportunities, and manage resources more efficiently. Prepare your Oracle 1z0-1052-20 Exam easily with the help of Exams4sure. Exams4sure offers 100% real exam questions. Get your Oracle 1z0-1052-20 Prep questions answers 2021 today.

How to become Oracle Certified in 2021

Oracle Enterprise Manager is one of the best solutions in the industry. It helps manage the lifecycle of software and hardware assets and track all aspects of its software license portfolio. It also enables IT departments to easily track software license expiration dates and the status of expired licenses. This tool allows IT, managers, to implement software license purchases according to their specific needs.

Oracle Data Warehousing Manager is another useful tool within the Oracle cloud computing offering. It manages and backs up data from any source and with any data type. Oracle Data Warehousing Manager ensures compliance with data security standards by controlling and evaluating data access and resource usage. Oracle Data Warehouse optimizes the use of space and time by providing real-time insights regarding information utilization. It ensures businesses remain on top of their game, as they can easily adjust business processes to help them obtain optimal results.

Oracle Enterprise Manager supports general software license management processes while allowing users to update software license policies. Updates occur automatically without any user intervention or update requests. It frees up time for users, as they don’t need to research and request software updates. Oracle Enterprise Manager further integrates with other enterprise software products such as Oracle Workbook Server, allowing users to integrate information from multiple sources.


Oracle Enterprise Manager solutions are simple to install, with an easy-to-manage data model and flexible license options. With the management of employee records and personnel information, Oracle is a perfect choice for managing any organization’s assets. The solution comes with a comprehensive software bundle that includes application software, database software, human resource software, product information management systems, accounting software, marketing software, and other general software. Businesses can further enhance their performance and productivity by automating processes, implementing continuous improvement strategies, and securing data at all times. It ensures companies stay on top of their game to adjust business processes to obtain optimal results quickly. Oracle thus becomes the first choice for business that aims to capitalize on their IT resources through cloud computing solutions.

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