You might wonder to know Canada is the most popular country with Indian students. Most of the non-native people want to move to Canada for higher studies. Do you ever think why it is so? Quality education, affordable tuition fee, and globally recognized degree, it brings several fantastic opportunities for the international bachelors. The diverse culture of Canada enhances peaceful living and brotherhood like no other country. 

This article will take you on an imaginative tour where you are going to discover the numerous advantages of why Canada is best for the study purpose. If you seek detailed info regarding the criteria related to study in Canada or VISA then you can have great suggestions or consultation from Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar.

Let’s know why Canada is the top choice for Indian students. 

7 Top reasons to study in Canada 

Excellent Canadian Universities 

One of the prime reasons to choose Canada for the study is its top universities, colleges, and research educational institute. Universities like ‘University of Toronto and others are recognized all over the world. The education of Canada is based on cross-disciplinary studies which mean preparing students skillfully, enhancing their practical knowledge, and making them ready for the industry. The ultimate focus of these universities on innovation and research.

Many study options

This bilingual land offers a wide variety of courses. You have several choices ahead of you to find the best according to your interest and requirement. Bachelors in engineering, business administration, environmental science, computer science, or graduation in film, media, and photography are the most renowned courses in Canada. Apart from these, you can consult with the Canada visa consultants in Jalandhar to get more information. 

Affordable study & accommodation

In contrast with other universities in the UK and US, Candian study is inexpensive and affordable. Tuition fees of Canadian universities are very less. It also brings a great return on investment in terms of job or work. You can also avail yourself of the several scholarships offered for international students. In this way, the overall study cost and educational expenses will be reduced. 

When it comes to the accommodation cost, 1,000 and 2,000 CAD/month are sufficient for housing, food, travel, or entertainment. Vancouver and Calgary are the priciest cities. You can find a suitable place or accommodation as per your need. Most of the universities provide in-house campus accommodation. If you want to stay outside the campus, it is completely your choice. You can take the help of the internet to find a shelter for you or otherwise take relevant guidance from the Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar regarding the same.  

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Study with job

Another benefit of studying in Canada is its special regulation which permits international students to earn while studying. Every Indian student can work up to 20 hours a week at the time of their semesters. On the other hand, you can work full time during the breaks in summer or winter. 

If you get an on-campus job or get an internship opportunity, there is no need to show any additional work permit. Your study permit is all needed to get a part-time job.

Explore vibrant campus life

All the campuses of Canada frequently conduct special cultural events, fests, and several others activities throughout the year. This gives you a lively environment and makes your surroundings and life delightful. You can make good connections with new students. There are thousands of students from different countries or cities.

Diverse cultural life 

Canada is the perfect blend of culture and nature. Beyond the academic reasons, there are some extra perks for choosing this country for higher education and that is its breath-taking landscapes. Yes, this country is known for its attractive mesmerizing landscapes, beautiful lakes, green lands, hills, and multiculturalism. There are many well-maintained gardens or parks. Several cultural events or concerts are happening frequently which you can visit in your free time. Theatre museums, art centers are the best places which you can’t resist yourself to visit there. It is also considered the most secure and peaceful country in the world. What you are seeking more? 

Thus, Canada brings lots of wonderful things for the students in its bucket. Do one thing, it would be great to take the point-to-point guidance from visa consultants in Jalandhar related to the Canadian study, VISA, and several doubts if you still have in mind. Surf on the internet and pick the best one according to your choice. 

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Post-Graduation Work Permit

The greatest benefit to enrolling in Canadian study is to get a work permit after graduation. If you complete your post-secondary education, you have a chance to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit to gain job experience. This program gives an open work permit. It allows International students (Graduates) to do the job for any Canadian employer. Therefore, it opens the doors of top industries for students. This program turns them into skilled employees. There is no requirement of getting Canadian job offer at the time of application. 


Canada is moving toward technology at a very rapid rate. One of the big reasons why Canada is becoming progressive day by day in the educational field as it focuses on research and development. If a student gets a degree from a Canadian institute or university, it symbolizes excellence and trust. Enrolling in Canadian universities simply means enjoying academic adventure where innovation and research are its perks.

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