Travelers when land in the Emirates, get fascinated by its skyscrapers, azure beaches, and breathtaking views. The city is a major stopover for many thrill-seekers and wanderers. To explore the lux and cultural aspect of this city of man-made marvels, we opt for a trip to its eccentric dunes. Evening desert safari Dubai is a must-visit place during your holidays in Dubai. This conservation reserve lies in the southern region of the city. 

For the sake of exploring this widespread sand sea, we grabbed an evening venture through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Under their satisfactory arrangements, this is what we experienced at the majestic dunes. 

A Happening Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

  1. Kick Start of the Adventure

A standard evening desert safari in Dubai kickstarts with a pick-up during the late afternoon. In our case, the skilled driver from Happy Adventures Tourism picked us up from our hotel in Dubai. It was the beginning of a bizarre voyage story worth remembering for a lifetime. A pickup service is usually provided in an air-conditioned off-road vehicle which is made to withstand rough surfaces. 

  1. Sunset Photography

Witness the epic moments of sunset which covers the whole barrenness into orange hues. If you love sightseeing the scenic views of nature, the sunset in a desert safari will become your favorite one. The spread of reddening hues on the sand sea is the perfect moment to capture amazing photographs. The photographer from team Happy Adventures Tourism clicked amazing photographs of the crew during the exciting terrain sports. The breathtaking beauty of the sunset in a desert safari left us overwhelmed at its infinite serenity.

  1. Dune Bashing 

Dune bashing is a famous activity you’ll observe going on in the dune arena. Crossing the high red dunes of Arabia in a 4×4 vehicle is a super enthralling activity. Ride in the furious SUVs and once you fasten your seat belt, an adrenaline rush stimulates the thrill-seeker in you. We were taken across the sand bumps in a Nissan Patrol along with the operator from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. This enthralling activity continued for 15 minutes. Those fifteen minutes were the craziest time we had at the dunes. 

  1. Camel Safari 

Camel safari is a great way to discover the submerging sand ocean. There are camel caravans that take the visitors across the high-end dunes. All you have to do is follow the lead of Bedouin. There is a lot to explore during the camel safari. Discover the unseen flora and fauna of the marshy habitat. These include gazelles, desert oryx, eagle owls, reptiles, foxes, and rare plant species.

The archaic region of the golden desert can only be discovered fully by riding a camel. Also, it allows you to have a timeless experience in the conservation reserve of Dubai.

  1. Cultural Activities at the Campsite

The beautifully pegged Bedouin-style tents seem pretty attractive amidst the golden landscape. Resting in the colorful caravansaries gave us the legit vibe of being a nomad. There are many cultural activities going on at the campsite. These include Henna artistry for women and kids. Whereas, men love attiring themselves in the traditional Kandura dresses. Get delighted by witnessing the stunning actions of the falcons. You can also take photos during the depiction of the traditional hunting method of Arabs.

  1. The Opulent Savory

Consume the luscious bites out of the divine savory. We were escorted to the tempting buffet by the hosts of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. There were various mouth-watering Arabian and international cuisines. Out of which we tried the charcoal roasted meat, delicious desserts, and other refreshments. The sips of Arabian coffee along with dates are a heavenly combination. This represents the admirable hospitality of the Arabs.

  1. Live Entertainment

The live entertainment stage during a desert safari is a great means of Arabian art depiction. The talented artists portray multiple forms of dance moves in the live shows. There is a mystic Taniura dance in which the dervishes take everyone along with their spinning dance moves. Then there is a striking fire show filled with courageous moves of the stuntmen. Belly dancers also portray the legit and unique Arabian belly dance in front of a huge audience. 

Consume the flavorful shisha and hookah among the audience while enjoying the spectacular moves of the Arabian hosts.


An expedition during the dusky hours in the barrenness is magical beyond expectations. Especially when you are accompanied by a super energetic crew like Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Moreover, witnessing the spellbound sand ocean in the occult of sunset is an experience of a lifetime. Many adventurists visit the Arabian dunes during the dusk only to capture the deep reddening desert. So if you are the one who enjoys mesmerizing views of nature along with an adrenaline rush, this place is the right spot for you!

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