With the fast-paced shift of people towards the online world, businesses are also trying to build a strong online presence. With so much competition it’s no more easy to stabilize and grow your online business simply.

You need to make a lot of efforts and focus on various things to get ahead of the competition. Amongst everything, the most essential element you need to be careful about is the hosting you choose.

There are different types of server hosting available in the market, but to grow your business at a fast pace you need strong and reliable hosting, i.e, the Dedicated Server India.

Let’s learn in detail about the advantages of hosting your website with the India Dedicated Server.

Key Advantages of Choosing Dedicated Server India

There is Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and others available at a price cheaper than the Dedicated Server India, then why choose a costlier one? Well! this question must be arising in your mind. It’s undeniable that Dedicated Server is the most expensive type of hosting, but the benefits it imparts are also unbeatable. Let’s know about them in detail below-

Ultra-Fast Speed and Performance

With the Dedicated Server in India, you will get the speed and performance better than any other hosting type. For the growth of every business, the speed of the website is the most essential thing to be taken care of. Fast speed develops a positive attitude of the customers towards the brand.

A Shared Server can provide you with the ideal speed only until the website traffic is low. After a stage, you need a robust server hosting type which could provide high speed even at times of traffic surges. So, simply saying you need the Dedicated Server India.

Advanced-Grade Security

Security is very essential to develop users’ trust and to keep their valuable data safe. On eCommerce websites, the customers trust you with their payment, card, and personal details. So, as a business owner, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe and secured.

In a Shared Server where multiple users share the same server, there is a very high risk of data theft. And if it certainly happens, the business owner may be subjected to various legal jurisdictions.

So, to keep the data stored in a secured environment you should choose the Dedicated Server Hosting India

Exclusively Dedicated Resources

To grow on a large scale and to easily handle tons of traffic it’s important to rely on a server with premium and private resources. Like a Shared Server if you share the resources with others your growth becomes limited. Also, you become dependant, if some other website in the network faces a traffic hike you have to suffer. 

If you want control over your server and resources and want to use it as per your requirements without any limitation or dependency you should choose the Dedicated Server India. 

Easy Scalability

If your business expands and you want to scale up your server resources you can’t do it with a Shared Server. The Dedicated Server in India provides you with the option to customize the server configurations as and when required. The Memory, Bandwidth, and Storage could be expanded whenever the need arises. 

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How to find an ideal Dedicated Server Hosting Provider in India?

Choosing an ideal web hosting provider for India Dedicated Server is a time-consuming process. But when you follow the below-given steps it will be a lot easier for you.

Before choosing the hosting provider identify the following –


High uptime is very important for the smooth performance of the website. So make sure the hosting provider assures 99.99% uptime with the Dedicated Server India.


To keep your data secured you need a strong security protocol. So your India Dedicated Server must be protected with DDoS, Firewalls, Virus protection, and intrusion prevention.

Customer Support

You should get 24/7 Customer support, so that whenever you encounter a problem you may get the early solution of it.

Scalability Options

Your hosting provider should provide you with the option to customize the server configurations. 

Customer Reviews

Read the recent customer reviews of the hosting company over third-party websites.

The Best Dedicated Hosting in India by Serverwala

Serverwala an India-based international hosting company provides Dedicated Server India with all the premium resources, speed, bandwidth, and uptime. Also, their support team is ready to help 24/7 with all your issues and problems.

The features of their Dedicated Server Plan are:

  • Superfast Speed and High Uptime
  • Robust Network Bandwidth 
  • Intel Core Processors and high-speed SSDs
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Top tier Security with DDoS protection

Summing Up

The Dedicated Server India provides you with numerous options and benefits to help you grow and expand your business. But to accomplish the desired goals you need to choose a trustworthy hosting provider company.

So, get your Dedicated Server in India from Serverwala now and take your business to the next level.

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