As soon as a woman gets pregnant, everyone starts worrying about and taking care of everything that relates to the baby’s health. However, the reality is that the situation is just as sensitive for the mother as it is for the baby. There are a lot of changes that a mother must experience in her body during pregnancy. The most obvious one is the changes that her belly goes through, growing quite a lot over time. This is something that you simply cannot ignore, especially from the perspective of clothing. Within a few months, the mother is simply unable to fit into her regular clothes and the need for something more suitable for pregnancy becomes quite visible.

There is no standard guideline on when a woman should buy her maternity clothes and what she should and should not get. No two women are the same and no two pregnancies are the same either. However, with the guidelines provided below, you will at least be able to pick up all the clothing that is essential to almost all pregnancies, that too at the right time. For reliability, we highly recommend opting for Mothercare as the brand of choice. Their products are amazing, and you can buy yours for a good discount by using a Mothercare UAE promo code.

Maternity dresses

For the first trimester of your pregnancy, there is literally no shopping that needs to be done as the growth of the baby occurring during this time occurs within the confines of your regular sized body. However, once you cross into the second trimester, things start to change quite rapidly. You need a lot more room to breathe, both in your belly and your bust. The ideal dress in this time would be something that can grow with you.

Having clothing that uses elastic bands is highly recommended as they can continue to expand quite a lot. It is important that you do not buy something cheap as it may not be properly elastic or comfortable to wear. Mothercare has a great collection of maternity dresses that provide a great deal of expansion room, keeping you comfortable all the time. Be sure to use a mothercare UAE promo code when buying yours.


When you are past the first trimester milestone, you will quickly start to feel that your regular clothing no longer fits. To fit your growing belly and chest, you need something that can keep you feeling like normal while effectively hiding the growth that is going on. The best options that you can choose from are extra-length tank tops, cardigans, camisoles, tunics, wrap tops, button down shirts, etc. All these tops are designed to have some room for growth which means you can use the same size for at least a couple of months.

However, we do feel like the best option is to simply go for a maternity top. These are highly elastic tops that have a much bigger room for growth as compared to regular clothing. If you buy a good quality top from a good brand like mothercare, you should be good to go. It may seem like you are spending more on a shirt than you normally would, but it is worth the investment. Also, you can bring the price down quite a bit by using a mothercare UAE promo code.


One of the most common discomforts that a pregnant woman must bear is in the pelvic and lower back area. The added weight in the uterus can lead to a lot of strain. In such a situation, it is not ideal to be wearing the kind of underwear that cannot support the growth and provides bad fitting. It can add to the discomfort and even stop you from going about your daily routine. Having good quality briefs with strong elastic bands are important as they can absorb the changes in body while also fitting snugly to provide support to your back and pelvis. Mothercare has some great options that you can choose from for your underwear collection and you can also get them at a discounted price by using a good mothercare UAE promo code.


As your body grows, not only does your bust grow, it also becomes a lot more sensitive. Your size also changes, and you feel the need for a new bra quite soon. To make sure that you stay comfortable during the pregnancy, a maternity bra is your best bet. They are highly elastic, so you do not have to buy a new one every month. They also have much thicker padding which is important to support your sensitive bust and minimize any pain. They also have easy openings for breasts which you will find incredibly useful for feeding your baby after birth. For a great quality bra, we recommend visiting the Mothercare store where you can get yours for a discounted price by using a Mothercare UAE promo code.

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