Picking a home design whether its interior or exterior is an exceptional decision because it will shape the way you live in your home. Modern home designs should include so many different areas, such as multipurpose spaces, open houses, ideas for smaller homes, multi-story homes, and maybe even underground solutions as well as a design with practicality.

 The design of a modern house has a simple rule: the design should be functional! To help you get started with your modern-designed home project, this article has put together 7 modern home design ideas for you.

Breathtaking Modern Interior

A modern design, including interiors, is a general term for design styles united by a common intention. A collaboration of materials, state-of-the-art technology, and composition through reality, transparency, and functionality. The modern living room features a fireplace with a stacked stone accent wall and windows on all sides for an incredible view from the house. The modernly designed interior of the house is fitted with automatic curtains to control the lighting and the amount of sunlight that filters through. 

The Open Kitchen Plan

Many modern homes have the kitchen as the social center of the home. This lets you amuse your guests or get together while cooking. Besides providing additional workspace and storage space, kitchen islands can be an important design element in your modern. 

Kitchen flooring is changed and beautiful now you have tons of kitchen flooring ideas available. An open-plan kitchen is essential for the interior design of a modern house. An open kitchen helps remove needless structures in a home while promoting free air circulation.

Simple Yet Modern Furniture

The best modern interior designers choose furniture with straight lines and moderate use of decoration. Therefore, use plain fabric furniture and avoid flashy patterns or prints. Tidy up, take out all cluttered furniture and any other visible object inside the house. Remember, “less is more” is vital when personalizing your modern interior, so be sure to organize and store knick-knacks out of sight.

Modern Living Room Design

If you don’t like to play around with tons of bold patterns and colors, but like tentative pieces and sophisticated pop-up colors, take a note of different vibrant color schemes. Rather than opting for black and white, items like the sofa and tables remain neutral, while the artwork and the lamp offer just a pop of bright colors. Custom tile design has enabled homeowners to select and install what they like and add amazing-looking colors to their living rooms.

Lavish Bedrooms

When it comes to a master bedroom, there are often when you want to wake up to a room that fills you with happiness and positive feelings for the day. You’ll also probably want to come home to a bedroom filled with soothing and comforting items after a long day at work. Headboards are once again becoming popular, with large, bold shapes in bold colors and patterned fabrics being an option to choose from.  

Large Bright House Exterior

Light and airy interiors are all the rage, so it makes sense that adding additional exterior windows is part of the modern game too. Take a look at how windows can dramatically modernize a home before and after above! The key when adding new windows is to make sure they match the original architecture of the house. In other words, you want the house to look like it was built that way.

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New Exterior Colors

Off-white is one of the hottest exterior paint colors and it’s always here to stay. The beige color tiles are still warm in 2021 but without a tendency to fade and you can easily install them by hiring Tile Contractor. It is subtle and almost whitish in different lightings. The beige color tiles are trending and look great as well. 

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