5 Reasons to Introduce Self-service AR in Your Business

Regardless of what scale you keep a vision to work at, any business of any scale is tough to start and even tougher to maintain throughout. The key to the success of a business is happy customers. Having a payment management system that is easy to use and understand gives your customers a kind of satisfaction. Many businesses have adopted self-service AR to give their customers a more user-friendly platform for payments. The self-service AR allows the customer to access the information related to outstanding invoices and they can easily make payment via online payment modes. 

Well having a strong account management system is essential in maintaining a strong bond with our clients and a healthy bottom line. The account management system deals with the role of post-sales work which mainly focuses on nurturing client relationships with two primary objectives of retaining them and growing the opportunities from them. These objectives are done by understanding your client’s behaviour, personalized needs, goals and making them fulfil.

Below we cover the importance of having a strong management system say self-service AR and explain how it can impact the growth and success of the business.

1. Helps build healthy cash flow

No matter what is the size and strength of your business, you can’t deny the fact that cash is the king. Big companies are extremely cautious regarding their management of cash flow. Since they have bills to pay, managing salaries and profit out of it. By focusing on strong management and bringing the right accounts receivable collections software you will get a very clear picture of your cash flow and how you can make improvements in it.

Make sure all your methods are reliable, you’re utilizing best practices, and keeping an eye constantly on unpaid customer invoices by constantly reminding them since it is these payments that fuel your business otherwise your company will run into a dry spell where you’re spending more than your business profits.

2. You can retain a larger customer base

The account management system has a primary relationship with the clients associated with the company and works as a frontline support system while making and then implementing the customer retention strategies. Good and regular communication is important here. Make sure you’re in constant touch with your clients, listen to what they, what are their expectations from you, reviews of the past services, and then work your strategies in providing them what they want accordingly to keep them loyal.

Build a road-map of your strategies, how you will implement them, and work around with accounts receivables management software, client’s objectives, maintaining clear payment schedules, account management calendar which makes it easy to track the client success process.

3. Easy tracking with the new system

A lot of software is available in the market which makes it easy to track down all these metrics and dimensions, making your system even stronger. From just one screen you can log into the information of your customers at one place like their account information, email writing, invoice attachment, mail merge documents, and phone calls log. This communication information gets stored for future analysis and reviews to carry out improvements in your services. Saving time for both you and customers with these advanced tools.

4. Accounts receivable efficiency and customer satisfaction

It has been seen that most of the time customers are not delaying the payment procedure but is being the victim of a poor account management system at the company’s end. They either haven’t received the invoice early enough to make the payment of time, or there were some mistakes in the invoice. These kinds of mistakes can be avoided by focusing on making the system more organized and efficient with account payable software. And if you continue to commit the mistake then it will lead to an upset client base and poor relationship and satisfaction levels with the customer.

It becomes even more frustrating when the customer keeps getting the reminder of late payment on their end. Make sure to keep your invoice mistake rate at a negligible rate, send them to your clients on time, and always ask them whether they’re facing any problems with their invoice and payment procedures. The more hassle-free you keep the process, the happier your customer will be, increasing the customer retention and growth of the business.

5. Prioritize the customer

It helps to bridge the gap between business owners and customers. The self-service portal allows the customers to enter the information by themselves. The accounts do not need to contact the customers personally to collect the required information. The accounting team will not need to do unnecessary calls and send emails to their customers because they can self-manage their accounts. The self-service portal not just allow accounting team, but customers as well to work remotely.  

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